After the wedding...

  • Intimacy: Intimacy after wedding day is very crucial and important. Immediately after the deal day, it's now the time to become closer to your partner more than ever before. Do not allow anyone to live with you for the first six months to one year. No Nannies, no friends, no family members, just the two of you. This will help you both.
    1. Discovered each other by hurting and forgiving each other without the intervention of a third party.
    2. It will help you both create a tight bound that it will be difficult to destroy.
    3. It will the LOVE and affection for you both.
    4. It will boost your trust for each other.
  • Respect: Respect in marriage is something one must not take for granted. Liken the saying "Respect is reciprocal" don't ever disrespect your spouse at home, in the public, in the church, among your families etc. not for any reason. Respect for each other will make your love a lasting one and your home peaceful.
  • Showing off of true love: Love is giving, sharing, forgiving, love is calm, peaceful, tolerates, etc.
    Love does not hate,it does not keep wrongs, it does not lie, it does not fear,it does not cheat etc.
    So to show off love to your partner the above must be present. Learn to celebrate one another, don't take each other's special day for granted. Don't wait for Valentine's day or Christmas day before you buy gift for each other no matter how small,it's the thought that matters.
  • God's presence: Before you can achieve any good thing in life God's presence must always be there, same thing with marriage. If His presence is not in your home after wedding day will be miserable. Invite GOD into your lives and home,let Him be everything to you, report each other to him and wait to hear Him speak.
    Never take any decision in your marriage ithout His presence being there.
  • Reality: After wedding day, what we call REALITY will set in. Reality of who you and your spouse are truelly are will start go manifest. Alot of shocks and disappointments will come with this, it will be a trying time for you both, but if you have allowed God to be the controller of your home ,you won't find it hard to handle. It will be easy to pass it.
  • Holy spirit: The Holy spirit is a teacher, He will teach you how to make your marriage and home heaven on earth if you allow Him. He will tell you everything you need to know, show you what will happen and how to handle them, revealing every secret to you, exposing every evil and evil people around you, ordering your steps aright if you allow Him to dwell in your home.
  • Good sex: Sex in marriage is very very key. Being able to satisfy your partner sexually is one of the things that will keep your marriage in much love, happy and intimate. Don't marry anyone you are sexually attracted to. After wedding go for honey moon it's must to do. That's where the closeness and bounding begins.
  • Caring: Caring for one another must be on top of the list. Paying attention to your spouse's emotions, mood and body language is very important in marriage. Learn to help each other at home, in business and career, build each other's dream together no matter what it takes.
  • Honesty: Never ever lie or keep secrets from your spouse. It's better you hear from each other settled it and moved than to get to know from a third party. Honesty will give you peace of mind and a blissful marriage.
  • Allowing your partners to express themselves, don't choke them. Marriage is not a slavery place. Don't be intimidated by your partners success, ambition and progress. Don't turn your partner to a househelp, a punching bag, a transfer aggression office, etc.
    Allow your partner to be whom God have created them to be in peace. Don't over react when you see your partner with an opposite sex, they might be an angel sent to them, please!
  • Trust: Trust is another important key factors of a happy home. Do not ever check your partner's phone, do not ever query your partners movement, if they say they are coming from the office please believe it and never question that. Build your home with TRUST, never compromise on this. Thank you.